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C-PRAV’s expert services provides most experienced and knowledgeable support for businesses seeking Local & Global Product Testing & Approvals.

We can help you with anything related to Standards, Regulations, Testing and Certifications (SRTC).

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C-PRAV is a powerhouse of Product Testing & Certification for many leading Electricals & Electronic product manufacturers for all their Australia / New Zealand (RCM), India (TEC, BIS, WPC,) Canada (ISED), USA (FCC),  and other Global Product Regulatory (CE, FCC/IC, VCCI, ICASA, KCC, GCC, Mexico-NOM, IMDA, ANATEL, SDPPI, SIRIM……)

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Product Testing

Regulatory standards aren’t just benchmarks; they’re the foundation of product legality, safety, quality, and environmental impact. 

At C-PRAV, we take pride in offering exceptional EMC testing services that ensure your products meet these stringent standards. 

Step into a realm of innovation and precision at our state-of-the-art EMC Test Lab in Melbourne, Australia. 

Our facility is manned by a team of seasoned engineers who are dedicated to guiding you through every phase of testing and solutions when necessary. 

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Product Certification

Certification: the cornerstone of successful product launch. 

After dedicating substantial time, effort, and resources to product development, the failure to attain certification can halt legal sales and result in significant losses. 

This pivotal certification stage traverses development, testing, certification, and finally, profitable sales – a full return on your investment. 

Cutting corners here is not an option; what’s needed is a knowledgeable and reliable partner to expertly navigate this critical phase.

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