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Latest Updates in Saral Sanchar Portal & ETA-SD certification

Recently, few changes has been made in Saral Sanchar portal in the ETA SD module. WPC has not issued any O.M. as of now.
Changes made in the portal is self-explanatory.

Applicant has to provide additional information pertaining to the Lab Accreditation/Lab contact number and email ID for ETA-SD application.

Please refer the following information required in addition to existing requirements.

i-Validity of Accreditation of Test Lab
ii-Accreditation Certificate Issuing Authority Name
iii-Accreditation Certificate Issuing Authority Address
iv-Accreditation Certificate Issuing Authority Country
v-Accreditation Certificate Issuing Lab Contact Number
vi-Accreditation Certificate Issuing Lab email
vii-National/International Standards (s) under which the product has been tested
viii-Test Report issued- Online or Offline. If online we need to provide the URL to access the reports
ix-Current file size which was 8 MB to upload the test reports has now been increased to 10 MB.
x-On receipt of uploading the details/Test Reports/documents we can download the ETA Certificate instantly.

Please feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] for more information on Saral Sanchar Portal and ETA-SD certification.

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