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Upgradation of Star rating table of Stationary Storage type Electric Water Heater

The current star rating table of Electric Water Heater has been upgraded which will come into the effect from 1st Jan 23 with new star rating plan validity from 1st Jan 23 to 31st Dec 2025.
The one-star product as per new table will remain inactive while 2 stars to 5-star product will be
allowed to be continued. Manufacturers are given time till 31st Dec 22 to continue the already approved models via Model Degradation process where star rating of model will get degrade (For example, 2-star product will degrade to 1 star product). Process for continuation of approved model as per the new table along with new table (3.4) are enclosed in the official notification. Please click on the following link to check BEE notification and Gazette notification with new table.

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