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Products moved from GCS to SCS became effective

TEC earlier in the month of November had announced moving 7 product categories into SCS (Simplified Certification Scheme) category under the regime of MTCTE from GCS (General Certification Scheme) category. The change has come into effect from Jan 1st, 2023.  

In the earlier process under SCS category the requirement for test report submission was not mandatory. TEC has further released a notification that not only for these seven product categories, but for SCS category applications, it is mandatory to submit the test reports from now onwards.  

The products that moved from GCS scheme to SCS scheme are: 

  • Cordless Phone 
  • PABX 
  • PON Equipment 
  • Transmission Terminal Equipment 
  • Equipment operating in 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz band 
  • LAN Switches 
  • Router 


If you want to understand more about the SCS and GCS schemes and how this change will impact on your current product portfolio – C-PRAV will be more than happy to explain all these details. Please contact us “The happy to help team” [email protected] 

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