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Country of Origin physical marking in ICT Products under CRO

A proposal from Industry organization and manufacturers have been submitted to the head authority of BIS pertaining to the clarification of COO (Country of Origin) on the ICT product label notified in CRS. Since there is no official notification from BIS which states that COO on the product label for ICT(Information & Communication Technologies) products in CRS(Compulsory registration scheme) is a mandatory requirement. It is rather only mentioned in the battery standard of IS 16046 to have CCO as mandatory information on the product and packaging label.

In 2017, BIS issued the e-labelling guidelines for products that have integrated or non-removable display. The guidelines allow the manufacturers to have BIS marking and other marking label information in the form of e-label in the product.

In view of above, below questions has been shared with BIS officials to issue a clarification in this regard. Response is awaited from authority on the same.

  1. If COO information is mandatorily required to be on the physical product by any existing BIS notification/Rule/standard or any other government authority including legal metrology requirements. If available, please share such relevant notification/Rule/standard.
  2. If COO is mandatory, then our submission would be to allow the COO information to be made available as part of e-label for products having integrated display and necessary guidelines/notifications can be issued by the relevant government authority.

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