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Clarification regarding testing of Base Station for Cellular Network as per ER under MTCTE

The radio conformance testing of Radio Units (RUs) of Base Station mentioned in MTCTE application may be done with any Baseband unit(s), and that Baseband unit (BU/DU) may or may not be mentioned in the submitted MTCTE application.  Basically, it means the RU can be part of the BOM and application, but not necessary to mention the BU/DU details.  This will be an advantage to the manufacturers who are manufacturing only the RUs. 

Currently all radio units operating at different frequencies, or all base units covered in the series/family had to undergo IT safety testing and the corresponding IT safety test reports needed to be submitted.  However, going forward, the IT safety test reports for a single radio unit operating in the highest power consumption or baseband unit need to only be submitted for a particular series/family.  It is not required to test all RUs and BUs in the series/family. 

However, the test report(s) for EMI/EMC for each of the Radio unit and Baseband unit in the series/family mentioned in the MTCTE application should be submitted. 


The link to the notification is given below: 

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