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Updates in CRS-BIS registration Process

BIS is consistently focusing on improving the registration process for hassle free submission by manufacturers in CRS (Compulsory registration scheme) portal. In regard to same, few updates have happened while applying for BIS for electronics and IT products under CRS.

i) Requirement updated to submit factory Business license: During every online submission for a fresh case in portal, new requirement has been raised to submit active and valid business license irrespective of number of registrations done by manufacturer. The motive for submitting a business license is to verify the scope of work of manufacturing unit.

ii) Automated Address Verification: Address verification in CRS is a portal creation process where manufacturer will submit the business license in website after which BIS official will verify the documents and create the portal in a week time. Now, as per the recent development, address verification has become an automated process. As soon as we submit the documents and submit the application, the manufacturer shall receive an email with intimation on portal being created.

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