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Definition of Family and Associated Models for Optical Fibre Cables

TEC has released the guidelines of Family and Associated Models definition for Optical Fibre Cables (OFC)

  1. Family Model Definition

OFCs build around the same cable element i.e., micro module, ribbon fibre, loose tube, and tight buffer as listed in the ER, but with different cable design based on the fibre types, single or double sheath, flooding and filling type, inner & outer sheath material or other constructional design change may be submitted under family.

Any of one model with highest fibre count of that specific design from the family of OFCs can be tested, along with incremental testing if required needs to be done on the other family models that may be necessary because of changes in design, fibre type etc.

  1. Associated Model Definition

Different OFC models under specific variant of ER, built around varying fibre count with same cable element and cable design can be categorized as Associated Models with the highest fibre count being tested and submitted as main model and others subset models included as associated models.

NOTE: If the fibre count of any OFC model is higher than when compared to models mentioned in already certified models under family or associated models, a fresh application needs to be filed and cannot be applied as a certificate modification for inclusion.

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