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Introduction of Phase VI in Compulsory Registration Order 2021 – Television Set, IS 18112: 2022

In the beginning of 2023, Bureau of Indian Standard had announced quality standards for three major electronic devices – Digital television receivers, USB Type-C charger and Video Surveillance Systems (VSS).

Recently, on 26th April 2023, nodal ministry MeitY (Ministry of Electronics & IT) has introduced new phase i.e. Phase VI under Compulsory registration order 2021 with addition of new product category “Television Set” as per Indian standard IS 18112: 2022. As per the order, the implementation date of said product is 26th April 2025.

Bureau of Indian standards, through its technical Committee has published an Indian Standard IS 18112:2022 Specification for television with built in satellite tuners. TVs manufactured as per this Indian standard would enable reception of Free-To-Air TV and Radio channels just by connecting a dish antenna with LNB mounted on a suitable place, at roof top/side wall of the building.

At present, Television (TV) viewers in the country need to purchase set-top box for viewing various paid and free channels. The viewer is required to use set top box even for the reception of free to air channels (non-encrypted) transmitted by Door darshan. Now Door darshan is in the process of phasing out Analog transmission. Free to air channels will continue to be broadcast using digital satellite transmission by Door darshan. To enable the reception of these free to air channels without use of set top box, there is a need for television receivers with inbuilt suitable satellite tuner.

Here is the link to access official notification of Phase VI

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