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Changes in the radio spectrum use plan in Chile.

The Minister of Transportation and Telecommunications approved the General Plan for the Use of the Radio Electric Spectrum in Supreme Decree No. 127 of 2006.  

The following is the General Plan for the Use of the Radioelectric Spectrum, which is approved by Ministry of Transport and Telecommunications Resolution No. 127 of 2006, with its modifications: 

  • The allocation of the following frequency bands should be moved to the “Frequency Band Allocation Table” in Article 4, Section IV. 
  • The following notes are introduced in article 4, Section V, “Notes to the Frequency Band Allocation Table”: 


The maximum radiated power of amateur service stations operating in the frequency range of 5,351.5 to 5,366.5 kHz is limited to 25 W (EIRP).

The protection of the television broadcasting service from harmful interference caused by the sound broadcasting service in the 76 – 88 MHz frequency band.

The amendment to note 204 of Article 4, Section V, which makes it clear that the fixed satellite service (space-to-Earth) in the frequency range of 17.7-17.8 GHz cannot claim protection from assignments from the broadcasting satellite service operating in accordance with the Radio Regulations or cause harmful interference. 

These modifications were made to advance the effective and adaptable utilization of this scant asset for social and financial turn of events. 

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