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Launch of “Sanchar Sathi” Portal

Sanchar Sathi Portal is a citizen centric initiative by DOT (Dept of Telecommunication) with intent to enhance mobile security, awareness of citizen centric initiatives of the government. It is an AI based portal which helps to block your lost or stolen mobile. 

The portal has two modules: 

i) CEIR (Central Equipment Identity Register): This feature provides risk free experience at the time when mobile phone gets lost or stolen. It is designed to track lost or stolen phones. The portal lets us know the moment when someone tries to operate your stolen phone and helps to unblock once the lost phone is located. 

ii) TAFCOP (Telecom Authority’s facility for checking own connection): This tool helps mobile subscribers to monitor the mobile connection linked to their names. Subscribers can effortlessly oversee and maintain control over their telecommunication services, ensuring a seamless management experience. 

Portal link:   

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