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Parallel testing Implementation for Wireless Earphones & Headphones and more

BIS has granted the parallel testing for Mobile phones in December 2022 which was implemented from Jan 2023 to June 2023. However, the implementation time has been extended further for six months upto 31st Dec 2023 since BIS has not received the number of applications as per expectation.

Now, BIS has allowed the parallel testing guidelines for two new product categories as below. There is no change in the guidelines.

1) Wireless Headphones & Earphones

2) Laptop/Notebook/Tablet

The parallel testing guidelines are ‘Voluntary’ in nature. Applicant can still proceed to register the product as per the current sequential process that exists.

i) Lab will not need to wait for R-number of 1st component to mention in the test report of 2nd product. Lab will rather mention the lab name and test report number of 1st component in final report of 2nd component. Ex: 1st component- Cells, 2nd component-Battery.

ii) However, the registration of the components and end product will be done in a sequential manner.

iii) Manufacturer has to submit an Undertaking with lab and at the time of online filing in BIS

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