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Quality Control Order on Footwear Products

In June 2022, Dept of Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade had released the list of total 24 footwear products in Quality control order under applicable Indian standards. The order shall be implemented from July 1st, 2023. 

Few of the Indian standards have been revised recently and BIS has given the additional time of 6 months to manufacturers to comply with revised standards. The list of footwear products and revised standards are mentioned below. 

Sr. no 

Current Indian standard- Product 

Revised Indian Standard- Product 




IS 15844:2010 – Sports Footwear 

IS 15844 (Part 1):2023 – Sports Footwear Part -1 General Purpose, and 

IS 15844 (Part 2):2023 – Sports Footwear Part 2 Performance Sports Footwear 



IS 10702:1992 – Rubber Hawai Chappal 

IS 10702:2023 – Hawai Chappal 


IS 11544:1986 – Rubber Slipper 


IS 6721:2023 – Sandal and Slipper 


IS 6721:1972 – PVC Sandal 


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