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Recent Amendments to E-Waste Management Rule 2022: Key Highlights and Implications

Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate change has recently amended the E-waste Management rule 2022 which was released in Nov 2022. The rule has notified 80+ electronics, electrical, medical and similar appliances with their respective average life cycle.

On 24th July, amendment came out w.r.t addition and modification of previously released rules and guideline. Following are the highlighted from Amendment rule 2023.

i)Following role of manufacturer, refurbisher and recycler:

“Ensure secure, accountable and sustainable management of refrigerant generated during the manufacture of refrigeration and air-conditioning equipment by adopting approved destruction technologies as per the guidelines issued by the Central Pollution Control Board.”

ii)Provision of submitting ROHS declaration on applying EPR for notified product categories has been extended till below dates.

  • Electronics and electrical products in Schedule II C – 1st April 2025.
  • Components or consumables or parts or spares required for electrical and electronic equipment notified in Schedule II C – 1st April 2028

Schedule II has been divided into Schedule II B & Schedule II C in the amendment rule 2023.

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