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ANATEL ACT No 7971 – Technical criteria for IPv6

  • ANATEL has released Act 7971, which contains technical standards for assessing IPv6 protocol compliance in telecommunication products. 
  • This new Act will take effect on January 8, 2024. The Act specifies the technical standards for terminal equipment having an interface designed for mobile and stationary services. 
  • The following are the major modifications to the standard: 
  1. RFC 2460 IPv6 standard was replaced by RFC 8200 for Mobile Service (WWAN). 
  1. Formalise that for products using ANATEL-approved WWAN modules, where the entire IPv6 protocol is implemented in the WWAN module (not by the host), only the IPv6 protocol verification or testing using RFC 8200 would be sufficient to demonstrate the host meets ANATEL IPv6 requirements. In addition, the manufacturer must sign a statement stating that the IPv6 protocol is properly incorporated within the module. 

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