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Compulsory Registration of Electric Ceiling Type Fans, IS 374: 2019

A new quality control order has been released for Electric Ceiling Type Fans by the Ministry of Consumer and Industry. The implementation date of this order is from 9th Feb 2024. Till then, manufacturers can import the said product without BIS standard mark. However, post 9th Feb 2024, the products shall have BIS standard mark as per scheme I of BIS.  

Govt of India has given relaxation with respect to the implementation date to Small and Micro Enterprises. Small Enterprises has been given the implementation date of 9th May 2024 and 9th Aug 2024 is the implementation date for Micro enterprises.  

The order shall not be applicable to following:  

i)Product being manufactured in domestic factory for Export purpose. 

ii)Local manufacturers registered under “Udyam portal” of the Ministry of Medium, Small and Micro Enterprises. 

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