Compliance & Product Regulatory ApproVals

Level Probing Radars are now permitted in the 76-81 GHz range.

  • ENACOM issued Resolution 1134/2023 on August 18th, 2023, which expanded the spectrum allotment for radars. 
  • ENACOM issued Resolution 1134/2023 in order to design a new testing standard for level probing radars (LPR) and tank level probing radars (TLPR) operating in the 76-81GHz range. 
  • Level Probing Radars (Radares de Detección de Nivel) operating at 76 – 81 GHz are now legal to operate in Argentina without a special authorisation. 
  • Key Points: 
    • Level probing radars are permitted in the 76-81 GHz band. 

Max EIRP: 

  • 1. Average: -3 dBm in 1 MHz 
  • 2. Peak: +34 dBm in 50 MHz 

Max Equivalent Electric Field Intensity allowed: 

  • 1. Average: 92,26 dBμV/m @ 3m. RBW: 1 MHz 
  • 2. Peak: 129, 26 dBμV/m @ 3m. RBW: 50 MHz 
  • The date of enforcement is August 18th, 2023. 
  • Foreign reports are accepted as long as they adhere to the technical norm ENACOM-Q2-64.02 V22.1. 
  • DoC from ENACOM is required. It must include the following items: 
    • Name and address of the manufacturer or importer in Argentina
    • Product description (such as brand, model)
    • Declaration of conformity to ENACOM-Q2-64.02 V22.1 standard
    • Identification of the signatory (name, surname, and position)
    • Date

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