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TRAI Consultation: Open Use of Unused Spectrum Bands in Tera Hertz Range

TRAI Consultation Paper on ‘’Open and De-licensed use of Unused or Limited Used Spectrum Bands for Demand Generation for Limited Period in Tera Hertz Range’’

Proposed by the DoT’s Committee as following.

  1. Frequency band 77-81 GHz band may also be delicensed for automotive radar applications in line with international practice.”
  2. The frequency bands, 116-123 GHz, 174.8-182 GHz, 185-190 GHz, and 244-246 GHz may be opened for unlicensed use. Initially FCC’s Technical specifications may be adopted. Technical parameters may be revised at a later stage after to suit the Indian environment.


Last date to receive the comments is 15th of November 2023.

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