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Changes in the radio spectrum use plan in Chile.

The Minister of Transportation and Telecommunications approved the General Plan for the Use of the Radio Electric Spectrum in Supreme Decree No. 127 of 2006.   The following is the General Plan for the Use of the Radioelectric Spectrum, which is approved by Ministry of Transport and Telecommunications Resolution No. 127 of 2006, with its modifications:  […]

SUBTEL publishes WiFi 6 Technology Regulations!

Chile has newly issued Resolution 2844 Exempt on September 6, 2022, which revises Resolution 1985Exempt which was published in the year (2017) for fixed technical Standard for Short Range Devices.   The updates are as follows Mainly to review the radio spectrum of WiFi 6 technology. WiFi 6E&39’s frequency range to be replaced with 5925-6425 […]