Compliance & Product Regulatory ApproVals

EAEU will introduce smartphones and laptop marking 

The proposal of the Eurasian Economic Commission Council to identify telephone sets and portable computer equipment weighing up to 10 kg with marking measures will take effect on November 9, in compliance with the regulation specified in Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC) Decision No. 110, dated September 27, 2023.  The EAEU allows member states to develop […]

Certification requirements under IEC 62368-1 for AC adaptors that can deliver more than 100W of power to connected equipment.

The Consumer Product Safety Office (CPSO) in Singapore issued a notice to suppliers and conformity bodies on September 7, 2023, regarding the certification requirements under IEC 62368-1 for AC adaptors capable of delivering more than 100W of electricity to connected devices, CPSO-070923-11.    This circular intends to clarify the testing and certification criteria for IEC […]

The IMDA has ordered the discontinuation of 3G-only and non-VoLTE enabled mobile terminals and phones.

On July 26th, 2023, Singapore IMDA issued a statement announcing the suspension of equipment registration and sales of 3G-only mobile terminals and non-VoLTE capable mobile/smart phones.    Dealers/equipment providers of cellular mobile terminals are required by the Telecommunications (Dealers) Regulations and IMDA’s Equipment Registration Framework to register such terminals with IMDA before they may be […]

New circular No. CPSO-100223-07 – Enterprise Singapore ( ESG ) 

New circular No. CPSO-100223-07 – Enterprise Singapore ( ESG )  announced  revision of classification of the multi-way adaptor as a Controlled Good on 10th of February, regulated under the Consumer Protection (Safety Requirements) Regulations, to include products with odd-shaped/design. The purpose of this circular is to provide clarification regarding the types of products which are […]

IMDA TS CD-SEC for Cellular Devices

Singapore published IMDA TS CD-SEC for cellular devices which defines minimum technical standards mainly to reduce threats and safeguard communication networks in July 2022. The online equipment registration commenced on 19 September 2022 and manufacturers have time until 1st of July 2023 to confirm the requirements of IMDA TS CDSEC. The cellular devices that comply […]