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An overview of Type Approval For Fiji

Type Approval For Fiji

The Republic of Fiji’s conformity assessment is based on the American (FCC) and European (EU) Conformity Standards. Any person intending to import any telecommunications equipment or apparatus, including radio transmitting devices, other than equipment exempted by regulations must obtain an import permit from the authority.”

A person who intends to import telecommunications equipment must obtain an Import Permit from the Telecommunications Authority of Fiji (TAF).

In Fiji, there is no need for local laboratory testing or contact with a local representative.


  1. Application Receipt with relevant documents 
  2. The application fee of FJ$109.00 (VIP) must be paid along with the submission of the application to the TAF.
  3. The processing time for a type approval is 10 working days. 
  4. A type approved certificate is valid for the life of the equipment and does not need to be renewed. If the product is changed, the certification becomes null and void.
  5. Common certification for a series or family of models is not granted. Each equipment type must be Type Approved. 

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