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An overview of the Hong Kong Certification Scheme

Government-endorsed Certification in Hong Kong

Certification in Hong Kong is overseen by the Communication Authority (CA) under the Office of the Communications Authority (OFCA). The CA has the authority to accredit organizations or institutions under Section 32E of the Telecommunications Ordinance. These accredited bodies are responsible for conducting testing and certifying equipment or installations according to the prescribed specifications issued by the CA. This endorsement ensures that telecommunications products meet the required standards set by the Hong Kong government.

Certification Schemes in Hong Kong

In Hong Kong, there are specific certification schemes in place to ensure the evaluation and certification of telecommunications equipment. One such scheme is the Hong Kong Telecommunications Equipment Evaluation and Certification (HKTEC) Scheme. This scheme sets guidelines and criteria for the evaluation and certification of telecommunications equipment in Hong Kong. Additionally, there is a Standardisation Guide for Labelling of Telecommunications Equipment that provides guidelines for labelling requirements of telecommunications equipment in the region.

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