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RF Exposure

Human Safety

RF Exposure- Human Safety Measurements

SAR (Specific Absorption Ratio): SAR is a measure of the rate at which energy is absorbed by the human body when exposed to electromagnetic fields. It is used to assess the potential health risks of RF (Radio Frequency) radiation emitted by electronic devices.

MPE (Maximum Permissible Exposure): MPE refers to the maximum level of RF radiation that a human can be exposed to without experiencing adverse health effects. It sets the limits for safe RF exposure based on specific frequencies and power levels.

RADHAZ (Radiation Hazard Measurements): RADHAZ involves the measurement and assessment of potential radiation hazards in various environments, such as workplaces or public spaces, to ensure compliance with safety standards.

RF Exposure Compliance and Testing

mmW PD (Millimeter Wave Power Density): Millimeter wave power density is a measure of the power per unit area of millimeter wave radiation. It is used to assess compliance with RF exposure standards specifically for products operating in the millimeter wave spectrum, such as those associated with 5G technology.

Compliance with RF exposure standards: This refers to the requirement of meeting specific RF exposure standards set by regulatory bodies. In many countries, including Australia, compliance with these standards is mandatory for handheld and body-worn RF equipment.

Testing and expertise in RF Exposure Standards: This category encompasses the services offered by C-PRAV, which include managing tests related to RF exposure standards for products. C-PRAV provides guidance on assessing product requirements and applicability to relevant RF exposure standards, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.

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