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An overview of TRCU 

TRCU (Technical Regulation Custom Union) Regulations

The Russian certification process is governed by the Technical Regulation Custom Union (TRCU) regulations. This custom union includes Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Armenia, Uzbekistan, and Turkmenistan. Under these regulations, manufacturers can obtain a single approval that allows them to market their products in all the countries within the custom union. This streamlined process simplifies the certification procedure for manufacturers, enabling them to expand their market reach across multiple countries.

Certification Requirements for Telecom Technology Products:

For products utilizing telecom technology such as WiFi, Bluetooth, cellular, and satellite, specific certification requirements apply. These products must undergo the Type Approval process and obtain the FAC Declaration/Certificate (FAC). Additionally, country-specific certifications are necessary. While manufacturers can utilize their CE Mark test reports as part of the application process, it is important to note that all relevant documents must be translated into Russian. Moreover, having a Local Representative is mandatory to comply with the certification process in Russia

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