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Streamlined Certification and Compliance for Imports in Saudi Arabia.

SASO Certification

SASO, which stands for Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization, plays a significant role in the certification process in Saudi Arabia. SASO is responsible for setting standards and ensuring the quality of products entering the country. Under SASO, various regulations and standards are enforced to ensure the safety and compliance of imported goods. Compliance with SASO standards is mandatory for all products imported into Saudi Arabia.


SALEEM SABER is an electronic certification and conformity assessment system introduced by SASO. This system aims to streamline and enhance the certification process for imported goods. It will become mandatory for all products entering Saudi Arabia. The SALEEM SABER system provides an electronic platform for manufacturers and exporters to submit the necessary documentation and information required for certification and conformity assessment. This system helps to expedite the clearance process and ensures transparency and efficiency in import procedures

It’s important to note that the SALEEM SABER system includes various modules such as product registration, conformity assessment, and certification issuance. These modules are designed to facilitate the evaluation, testing, and certification of products to ensure they meet the required standards set by SASO.

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