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An overview of IMDA Certification

IMDA Certification

Equipment registration with IMDA is required for all radiocommunication and telecommunications sales in Singapore. Please ensure that the equipment complies with the applicable IMDA Standards/Technical Specifications before registering it with IMDA.

Depending on the equipment kinds and registration schemes, there are five different types of applications:

  1. Enhanced Simplified Equipment Registration (ESER).
  2. Simplified Equipment Registration (SER)
  3. General Equipment Registration (GER)
  4. General Equipment Registration by Certification Bodies (GER-CB)
  5. Application for Confirmation of Conformity (COFC)

Equipment Registration Period and Fees


Registration Period


 Enhanced Simplified Equipment Registration (ESER)

 5 years


 Simplified Equipment Registration (SER)

 5 years

 $100 and $50 (Family Series Fee)

 General Equipment Registration (GER)

 5 years

 $350/$500 and $50 (Family Series Fee)

 General Equipment Registration by Certification Bodies (GER-CB)

 5 years

 $100 and $50 (Family Series Fee)

 Application for Confirmation of Conformity (COFC)


 $100 (Self-declaration) / $350 (IMDA Evaluation)

Renewal fee, where applicable, will be $50 per renewal.

Singapore IMDA certification basic information

Certification Category: Mandatory Certification

Sample requirement: N/A

Local test: N/A

Whether factory inspection: no

Local representative: need

Certificate validity: 3 years

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