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An overview of Anatel Certification 

Certification under the INMETRO Safety System

In Brazil, the INMETRO safety certification system is applicable to a wide range of electric appliances, household goods, and other devices. Before these products can enter the market, they must obtain certification. This certification can be obtained through national certification bodies known as OCPs (Organismos de Certificação de Produtos). Testing can be performed either in accredited laboratories within or outside of Brazil. It’s important to note that a surveillance process is conducted in Brazil, and units may be randomly checked by customs authorities. Therefore, obtaining INMETRO approval is highly recommended before commercialization to ensure compliance with safety regulations.

Certification for Telecommunication and Radio Products by Anatel

Telecommunication and Radio products require certification by Agência Nacional De Telecomunicações (Anatel) in Brazil. This certification process follows the guidelines outlined in Resolution 715. Anatel issues a Certificate of Homologation for compliant products. Additionally, a Market Surveillance Process is implemented, where samples are collected locally and audited to ensure compliance with regulatory standards.

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