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An overview of KCC Certification

Certification Bodies

In South Korea, the key bodies responsible for managing certification regulations are the Korea Communications Commission (KCC), the National Radio Research Agency (RRA), and the Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning (MSIP). These organizations oversee the certification process and ensure compliance with the relevant standards and regulations. Before products can be registered for certification, they must undergo testing according to the KN standard, which is specific to South Korea.

Mandatory Testing Requirements

Several mandatory testing requirements exist for products seeking certification in South Korea. These include:

  • Telecommunications terminal equipment testing
  • Radio testing
  • Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) testing
  • Electric safety testing
  • Specific absorption rate (SAR) testing


It’s important to note that there are deviations from international standards in South Korea. For example, the EMC Radiated Emissions testing is conducted at 10m, while 3m testing is not accepted. Additionally, the power rating in South Korea is 220V/60Hz, resulting in different criteria for Voltage Dips and Interruptions.

C-PRAV is a reliable partner that has collaborated with South Korean labs to assist in the testing and certification process for products. They can provide reliable support to ensure that your product meets the necessary requirements and receives the required certification in South Korea.

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